Reaching Higher Heights & New Dimensions  

OBJECTIVE/MISSION:  To give general knowledge of and exposure to
performance art developing an appreciation of art in general and provides
common ground for positive exchange between parents and their children—
bridging generation gap.  

GOAL:  To transform lives by:
·        Taking young people from the ages of 2/12 – 18 years and train them in
acting, modeling, dancing, speech and music of the past.
·        Engaging youth in community services and public performance to help
build self-esteem, character, healthy and productive habits, thoughts and life-

TARGETED POPULATIONS:  Adults and children of all ages—Family
Tribute To The Legends Show
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A musical time capsule helping young people to appreciate sacrifices that older
people made so that they can enjoy their current freedoms. It is an early intervention
program geared to keeping kids off streets and drugs. By fusing performance arts
(music, dance, theater, etc.) and social awareness, this program endeavors to homes
such as those run by LifePath for example) and host special on-site and off-transform
lives.  Participants perform at various senior care facilities (including group site
events.  The program attempts to bridge generational gaps often experienced
between parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren.  The program
highlights music from the past (40’s 50’s, 60’s)—sounds that soothe the soul and
drive out agitation.  The Tribute Show is a temporary escape from the often harsh
messages and influence of today’s popular music.  The music does not evoke and
appearance of America today.  The project is designed to initiate social
consciousness by helping the young people to appreciate the impact and sacrifices of
older people in the arts.  Participants are required to research artist and obstacles
faced in order to bring their art forward.  


·        Family friendly entertainment made available to community. Program
participants are introduced to various performance arts forms (music, dance, etc)
which helps foster:
a. improved self-esteem,                                 b. confidence,
c. improve academic performance and        d. promote overall healthy mental and
physical fitness.  

Participants are encourages to learn to write, music and lyrics without profanity and
choreograph movements without nudity and vulgarity.  

·        Opportunities of exchange are created between parents and children.  The
program stimulates thoughts and helps kids to realize the privilege of living in
American society.  Kids are made aware and reminded that they do have
responsibility keep these freedoms safe for future generations.
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