NBHN PAC’s premier project…A grassroots program geared to transforming the lives of children in the Lehigh Valley area by helping them to develop self-esteem,
healthy and productive habits, thoughts and lifestyles by creating exchanges between young people and seniors.  A performing arts center with a purpose…

Objective/Mission: Transforming lives by creating exchanges between youth and seniors
Goal(s): To foster growth of character by
·        Developing a sense of community
·        Developing feelings of empathy, tolerance, concern, and respect for seniors

The program targets two high-risk groups:       

1) Children of low-income families                                                                                                      
2) Citizens 50 years and older
These groups are considered “high-risk” for varied economic and social reasons.

Children—Nationally, it is estimated that 20% of children live at or below poverty levels.  Twenty-Seven percent of Pennsylvania families with children are likely to be
headed by a single parent and considered to be low income (about $18,850 for a Hispanic family of four) 1 and that inappropriate activity is on the rise for children
and adolescents-incidents of substance abuse, violence mental health disorders, sexual activity, for example.  As a result one of the most pressing priorities facing
us today is to improve this outcome. Seniors-Nationally, Pennsylvania has the second largest population of individuals over 50 years.  Older Americans often
experience the following feelings and are more likely to commit suicide:

·        Worthlessness, nervousness
·        Emptiness, irritability
·        Feel like no one loves them
·        And that life is not worth living.

NBHN PAC Senior Outreach Program endeavors to address some of the needs of both populations.

1.        Children are introduced to various forms of expression from in-house and guest speakers and instructors and 30 minute-performances at various nursing    
homes and senior centers
2.        Children are also required submit one a 1-page type/written report each segment about their chosen discipline
3.        Children participate in Gift Give-away for seniors and Toy Give-Away for children during holidays at no charge to the community.  

In 2005, approximately 3000 toys were collected and distributed to 135 families in the Lehigh Valley (105 families-Cumberland Gardens, 35 families-Lehigh and
Northampton Counties).  To date 18 senior care facilities have been serviced.

The Benefit
·        Children can reap positive social and academic benefits from involvement in the arts…valuable skills that will help them successfully navigate through life
·        Research for seniors has shown that certain types of interpersonal therapy are effective treatments for late-life depression.  1) Improves quality of life 2)               
Improves outlook on life

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