Program Operation:  
The current time line is broken down into three eight-week segments.
I.  January-April        II.  May-August        III.  September-December
Disciplines Offered
A.         Music (Instrumental, Vocal)        B. Dance        C.  Modeling        D.  Acting        E.  Poetry/Spoken Word
1. Children are introduced to various forms of expression from in-house and guest speakers and instructors,
required to participate in 30 minute-performances at various nursing homes and senior centers
2. Children are also required submit one a 1-page type/written report for each segment about their chosen discipline
3. Children participate in Gift Give-away for seniors and Toy Give-Away for children during holidays.  In 2006, approximately
3000 toys were collected and distributed to 135 families in the Lehigh Valley. To date over 18 senior care facilities have been serviced.

The program uses volunteer experienced professionals and laymen within arts community (500+ hours).
Child abuse clearance and background checks in accordance to Act 34 and 151 required.  

What Is Our Focus 2010?
1.        Funds for incentives to attract additional arts professionals as instructors from diverse backgrounds  (Training and Development)2.        
Funds for Children Incentives:
a.        To provide recreation and gift incentives for performances and good academic reports
b.        To expand our program and service base to include the cultural experience of all the residents of the area increasing overall enrollment by

The Benefit:
·        Children can reap positive social and academic benefits from involvement in the arts…valuable skills that will help them successfully navigate
through life
·        Research for seniors has shown that certain types of interpersonal therapy are effective treatments for late-life depression.  1) Improves
quality of life  2) Improves outlook on life.

Music: Children are instructed by community volunteers in instrumental, vocal, and studio technology.  It has been prevent that kids that are
involved with music do better academically, foster confidence, strength and discipline.  Also increased socialization.  It has been proven children
who are involved in with parent and caretakers in extra-activities are less likely to experiment with drugs or get into trouble.
 See Instructors

Dance:  Children are introduced to different dance forms and expressions
(African, Urban-Hip Hop, Inspirational, Jazz, East Indian, Ballet, etc.)
Healthy bodies equate healthy minds.

Acting:  Children encouraged to express themselves via acting and stage performances of original works that reflect current events and relevant
topic matters.  Children encouraged in writing process fostering creativity, improved writing skills and social awareness.

Modeling: Community volunteers with professional experience teach practical life skills (hygiene, grooming habits) to increase self-esteem,
personal expression and presentation.  

Poetry/Spoken Word:  Students are introduced to voice projection and positive body language.  Verbal skills sharpened via one-on-one situation
skits, such as job interviews.  This class fosters use of proper diction, annunciation and improved writing skills.


Music  Instructors
•        Jeffrey Lynn-Produced for MCA, EMI, J Records, WEA, Columbia; featured in Billboard and Keyboard Magazine; collaborations with Mya,             
Mark Sparks, Mystic (movie: Road Kings)
•        Jamey D. -R&B Artist Joe, Ted Mills (Blue Magic)
•        Ken & Mandale-Gospel Recording Artists can be seen on INSP Cable Network 4/16-4/30




In Affiliation with:

Driven By Muzik Entertainment (Recording Studio)

As a result, we have young people who are daring, enterprising and very sure of their abilities and worth.  Hence they have stretched out into
many areas that even seem unattainable to others.  Our program has been very successful.  Two of our young people have become
professional models in California.  Another has become a record producer of R&B, Gospel and Rap at a major record label in California.  Two
Higher Heights and New Dimensions.
NBHN PAC Student
Jeffrina Alisha Oakes

Neighborhood Inaugural Ball
Oprah Winfrey Show
Live in Washington, DC

DBME Recording Artist
For more info visit:
Fully operational recording studio.  
Additional purposes:  used as a teaching vehicle for
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