Thank you for your interest in our organization.  We invite you to catch the vision of our mission and proposition of Toy Drive 2010.  
Below you will find important information about this event.  

We have the privilege of teaching and encouraging young people.  We have wonderful kids who regularly attend various workshops
and/or counseling.  Their ages range from 2 ½ to 17 years.  To give them the best and brightest experience every holiday season,
we ask partners, like you, to help us by supporting Toy Drive 2010?

There are two ways you can help support Toy drive 2010.

1) We will deliver decorative deposit boxes to your establishment for at least three week period, we request that new toys wrapped
or otherwise, be placed into the boxes.  If you prefer to wrap the gift, simply specify whether it is an item for a girl or a boy, also
specify the age.  Please note that while our teenagers are truly grateful for any and all gifts, we ask that you pay special attention to
their unique wants.  Toiletries, jewelry, watches, bikes, cds, games and especially gift certificates are some popular gift choices
with teenagers.  At the end of the period, the boxes and toys will be picked up and delivered to our facility for our annual holiday
party date TBA.
2) We are requesting a generous donation from your establishment. The funding will be use to buy gifts or cover the direct cost of
the event (costumes for the Holiday Show, wrapping paper, decorations etc.)

A simple gift could transform one life.  So will you join us in making this year unforgettable? Contributions are tax deductible as we
are a registered
501(c) (3) organization.  May God bless and prosper you…

For questions and/or to set up deposit-box drop off and pick up dates please call or email us.

Happy Holidays!

Regina, Toy Drive Coordinator
O: 610-264-1900
Direct: 484-201-0266
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